TLR-7 Sub – A New Type Of Mini Weapon Light

The TLR-7 from Streamlight really changed things up. It was the first light of its kind that blended small size with decent power. The TLR-7 was aimed at the compact pistol market. It would sit flush with the frame of your Glock 19, your CZ P-10C, and the like. It succeeded, and from there, the TLR-7 became one a mainstream Streamlight weapon light.

Streamlight TLR-7 SUB

by Travis Pike

They utilized the TLR-7 design to build several lights, including the TLR RM 1 and RM 2, as well as the TLR-10, TLR-9 and now it’s returned to form as the TLR-7 Sub.

Small Guns and Small Lights

Sub stands for Subcompact, and the TLR-7 Sub aims to bring compact power to the subcompact platform. More and more small guns are coming equipped with rails. The SIG p365 and P365 XL both come with rails. As does the Hellcat, the G43X/G48 MOS, and the Taurus GX4. Sadly, subcompact weapon lights were rather weak.