How Do I Buy a Handcuff Key?

Buying a handcuff key is not a difficult process. You do not need to be a law enforcement officer or show proof of any kind of certification in order to purchase one. You don’t need any proof of your occupation to buy a pair of handcuffs either… that’s why it’s so important that as a prepared citizen you have access to a handcuff key.

You can obtain a handcuff key in two ways:

Buy a Pair of Handcuffs

All handcuffs naturally come with a set of keys. These will typically be metal keys with a double-lock pin (if applicable) on a small keyring. These are great to have on hand and don’t require a separate purchase since they come with the handcuffs. However, they can be cumbersome and hard to conceal.

Buy a Handcuff Key from a Survival Store

Most urban survival stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, will have at least one kind of handcuff key in stock. It’s as easy as making any other purchase.

How Much Do Handcuff Keys Cost?

Fortunately, for the value they add to your everyday carry handcuff keys do not require too significant an investment. If you’re buying the key separate from handcuffs as an extra preparedness item, you can expect to pay between under $10 for a single key. Many handcuff keys come in packs of 2 or more since they tend to be small and it’s nice to have an extra few to stash around in critical locations. You can find a pack of 2 handcuff keys for as little as $12.

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